Kamagra or Cialis: What to choose For ED Treatment?

Kamagra or CialisNearly third part of men experienced erectile problems at least once in their life. Impotence is seemed to be quite a widespread disease. Though, there are a lot of treatments for sexual disorders on a today’s market. What is a better choice after Viagra? Next popular remedies are Cialis pills and Kamagra jelly. Actually, both treatments are thought to be efficient, but, of course, there are some peculiarities, associated with taking them.

A definition of Erectile Dysfunction

ED is quite typical for men of all ages, but especially it affects 50-years old males and older. There are a lot of different sexual disorders, connected with this state, and in each individual case erectile dysfunction appears different. But in general it may be defined as an inability to achieve and maintain quite long and strong erection. Proper erectile function should lead to an ejaculation in the end of sexual intercourse. Although, complicated states do not allow even come to sexual arousal and strong desire to have a sex.

The reasons for this specific state are different:

  • Psychological factors (constant stress, relationship difficulties, long-live depression or not high self-esteem).
  • Other reasons are physical inactivity, high levels of fat or sugar in blood, smoking, drinking, mechanical damages of penis or sexual organs, side-effects from intake of particular drugs.
  • Medical factors include heart and vascular disorders, recovery period after surgery or system illnesses, abnormal blood pressure.

Ways of Treating ED

Today’s science and medicine proposes different ways of treating erectile problems:

  • Operations on penis tissue or vessels, plastic surgery (implantation);
  • Vacuum devices for stimulating penile nerves and vessels;
  • Taking hormones;
  • Herbal therapy;
  • PDE-5 pills and drugs – Cialis, Viagra, Kamagra (find at onlinevgraaustralia.net);
  • Taking other medications stimulating blood flow in the penile tissue.

Medication is believed to be the most effective and safe remedy in a traditional medicine. Most popular options are Viagra, Cialis and Kamagra. First one has some contradictions. If to choose between two others, what choice is the better?


The active component of this drug, Tadalafil, makes the flow of blood in penile tissue more intensive that allows achieving and maintaining proper erection. This PDE-5 inhibitor relaxes prostate muscles, thus bladder and vessels after strong sexual arousal become full with blood. If stimulation was weak or there was not sexual context in general tadalafil will not work.

Cialis may be purchased online or in a drug store. The treatment is taken orally, and gives effect in 15 minutes or in some cases in half an hour after sexual arousal. Active ingredients continue to work 36 hours more after intake. Thus, a man is able to achieve and control erection easily, due to the comfortable time. The pills can be combined with food and order of taking has no any meaning for the efficiency of drug, including its speed. Taking Cialis soft once a day, many men keep their sexual mood permanently (of course that does not mean that they successfully cure ED).

Contraindications of Tadalafil

Cialis is not recommended for:

  • People with individual intolerance to tadalafil or other components of drug;
  • People who are younger than 18 years old;
  • Simultaneous taking with organic nitrates medications.

Some more precautions and other information about Cialis is available on page: http://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-77881/cialis-oral/details#precautions.

  • Side Effects of Cialis

The drug practically has no any side effects, although some individuals experience dyspepsia, back ache, headaches or high hypertension. Very rarely Tadalafil causes eyes pain, dizziness, dark circles and baggies under eyes. In general the medication is considered to be quite safe, universal and effective.

Kamagra Jelly

Kamagra Oral Gel is a generic form of Viagra, containing the same active ingredient – Sildenafil. It is quite cheaper than the branded analogue, although Kamagra is considered to be not less effective. The product is served in jelly sashes with numerous flavors (e.g. cherry, caramel, strawberry, pineapple and so on). Gel is taken orally, half an hour before sexual intercourse. Active ingredient inhibits GMP enzyme that increases blood flow in the penile body and makes erection better and stronger.

The effect longs for 240-360 minutes (depending on an individual). A recommended dose of Kamagra is 50 mg, though it may be even reduced to 25 mg (especially in cases when effect lasts more than 6 hours). The maximum safe dose is 100 mg.

Contradictions to Kamagra are:

  • Serious diseases or temporary disorders of Liver, Heart and Kidneys;
  • Age under 18 or older 65;
  • Abnormally high or low blood pressure;
  • Taking other PDE-5 inhibitors and drugs for ED.

Side Effects of Kamagra

The list of side effects, typical for Indian Viagra includes nose stiffness, headache, blushing, weakening or changes of vision, digestive disorders. All symptoms are proved to be quite rare.

So, let’s summarize. Both Kamagra and Cialis are relatively safe and effective. The right choice is that one which is suitable for you. If you need a stable and constant effect, choose Cialis. If you want to purchase something with less contraindications, pay your attention to a Kamagra Gel. And remember, that in both cases you need to consult a doctor first.

6 Main Steps to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Men, if you think you cannot cope with the desire, we offer an excellent technique. It will help you to overcome premature ejaculation. To do this, you must tune to work and exercises that will lead you to true bliss.

  1. Perfect masturbation

Focus on the female body, mentally. Work with the idea of how to bring pleasure to your partner. Set a time to 20 minutes, and finally allow yourself to ejaculate. This technique will help to cope with premature ejaculation, if you work on your desires and the body.

  1. Squeeze penis

If during sexual intercourse, you feel that the end is near, take a break. Squeeze the head of the penis, stop thinking about ejaculation. Fingers need to compress the urethra to work out a technique to finish. This will stop the desire to complete the sexual act. Blood on time will cease to surge to the penis, and sexual intercourse can be continued.

  1. Stages of ejaculation

Master and Johnson made the separation of male ejaculation at some stages – excitement, formation, orgasm and response. Male body sometimes comes from the first stage to the last, because of that whole sexual act can be interrupted. This exercise teaches man the fact that he had different feelings to his partner during sexual intercourse. For statistics it is necessary to assess each time its condition and ejaculation process on a 10-point scale.

  1. Sexual exercises

Do not forget to practice Kegel exercises. They are designed for both women and men. Men can delay ejaculation when exposed to pubic-coccygeal muscles of the pelvic floor. Some muscles can stop urinating, the other – to help delay ejaculation processes. With this technique, the men learn to stop and again to resume the process of urination. This also applies to sexual intercourse. Hold the muscle tension for a count of 10. Then repeat the exercise again. If you feel that you will soon finish the sexual act, start doing Kegel exercises.

  1. Work gently

If you make quick jerky movements, ejaculation will come soon. A man must go slowly into the vagina. Enter the penis carefully, stop at the entrance inside. The woman will feel the heat of the head; her nerve endings are concentrated at the entrance to the vagina. If a woman is excited, she will finish the sexual act faster than you. Try to go with slow and short strokes, up to 2-4 inches; do not put your penis right to the end. Insert the penis is 5 inches, and then you can touch the point G. Strain penis inside, it gives pleasure to a woman, and you will be able to hold out longer in sex.

  1. Be polite

Ladies are always the first – and this applies not only to opening the door in front of them. Bring her pleasure, and you can enjoy your orgasm. When a woman’s body undergoes pleasure, vagina will cease to be strained; it will not compress the penis, which leads to ejaculation. You are also liberating yourself from anxiety and emotions during sexual intercourse. Use your fingers, tongue, lips and hands.

We treat a herpes in domestic terms

Treatment of herpes in domestic terms at correct approach quite possible and can be very effective. Thus treatment of not only herpes on lips but also genital, girdle herpes (him yet also name a zoster), and even the illnesses caused by citomegalavirus and virus Epstein-barr.

A main rule at treatment of herpes in domestic terms consists in a necessity to operate as possible before. Due to prevalence of herpes and vital requirement in the decision of problem of his treatment of tactician of fight against a virus in domestic terms well worked out and accessible to today practically each.

Tactics of treatment of herpes are in domestic terms

Tactics of treatment of herpes are in domestic terms

Tactics of treatment of herpes in domestic terms depend on the stage on that illness was diagnosed, from the type of virus and from the aim of treatment.

If the question is about a herpes on lips, then at early diagnostics of illness and correct treatment complete prevention of pouring out is possible on lips, and even at lateness with diagnostics is reduction of terms of flowing of pouring out. Interestingly, that exactly for treatment of herpes on lips modern pharmaceutical industry produced most of medicinal preparations.

If herpes on lips to begin to treat at appearance of the first barely visible symptoms, then with probability in 50 can to obtain that not nice and sickly phials will not appear in general. It is important it is here correct to choose effective antiviral preparation and apply it in strict accordance with instruction and doctor’s orders.

By symptoms, at appearance of that application of antiviral preparations will allow to get rid from pouring out, there are the primary easy pricking in lips, feeling of unstrong itch, slight swelling and turning that frequently it is easily possible to entangle with lungs red burns.

Some rules

If pouring out on lips appeared already, effective will be the same preparations, but only the result of their application will become:

  • reduction of period of pouring out
  • prevention of development of complications
  • general antiviral therapy
  • weakening of display of pain and irritating syndromes.

For domestic treatment of genital herpes, the same preparations are in general speaking, used, what for a fight against a herpes on lips, but in a few large doses. In addition, at a genital herpes different ointments and gels are less effective considerably, as areas of the struck surfaces anymore at him, and in many cases, pouring out appear in internal cavities – vagina, urethra, rectum – that eliminates possibilities of application of facilities of outward treatment. In such cases, certainly, it is better to call to the doctor.


A girdle herpes treats oneself in domestic terms some heavier, than the illnesses caused by the viruses of simple herpes. So, methodologies of prevention of symptoms of zoster do not exist on the early stages of relapse, and all therapeutic measures at herpes of  zoster sent to weakening of display of symptoms and prevention of development of complications of illness. However at treatment of girdle herpes the same principles are important, what at treatment of herpes simple : speed and timeliness of acceptance of measures. If necessary preparations are accepted in time, probability of the rapid and uncomplicated flowing of illness increases. The characteristic symptoms of beginning of illness are a fervescence, headaches, increase of lymph nodes.

Treatment of the illnesses caused by citomegalovirys and virus Epstein-barr, hardly more specifically. Against these viruses in domestic terms use the special pills antiviral preparations and apply symptomatic and after symptomatic therapy.

At all types of herpes, in particular – at genital and herpes of zoster, application of facilities of symptomatic therapy is needed. They are applied not always, but only in the cases when one or another symptoms of illness can aggravate weight of her flowing. So, often at the different types of herpes it is necessary to apply acesodynes, febrifuge and antiinflammatory preparations.

For timely recognition of any herpetic infection it is necessary carefully to watch after the organism, especially – in a cold period of year or after the carried diseases of any other type. Immunity relaxes in such situations, and a herpesvirus in an organism gets a chance to prove. It is important in such periods to pay attention to barely visible primary symptoms of illnesses, as exactly the treatment begun at

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