6 Main Steps to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Men, if you think you cannot cope with the desire, we offer an excellent technique. It will help you to overcome premature ejaculation. To do this, you must tune to work and exercises that will lead you to true bliss.

  1. Perfect masturbation

Focus on the female body, mentally. Work with the idea of how to bring pleasure to your partner. Set a time to 20 minutes, and finally allow yourself to ejaculate. This technique will help to cope with premature ejaculation, if you work on your desires and the body.

  1. Squeeze penis

If during sexual intercourse, you feel that the end is near, take a break. Squeeze the head of the penis, stop thinking about ejaculation. Fingers need to compress the urethra to work out a technique to finish. This will stop the desire to complete the sexual act. Blood on time will cease to surge to the penis, and sexual intercourse can be continued.

  1. Stages of ejaculation

Master and Johnson made the separation of male ejaculation at some stages – excitement, formation, orgasm and response. Male body sometimes comes from the first stage to the last, because of that whole sexual act can be interrupted. This exercise teaches man the fact that he had different feelings to his partner during sexual intercourse. For statistics it is necessary to assess each time its condition and ejaculation process on a 10-point scale.

  1. Sexual exercises

Do not forget to practice Kegel exercises. They are designed for both women and men. Men can delay ejaculation when exposed to pubic-coccygeal muscles of the pelvic floor. Some muscles can stop urinating, the other – to help delay ejaculation processes. With this technique, the men learn to stop and again to resume the process of urination. This also applies to sexual intercourse. Hold the muscle tension for a count of 10. Then repeat the exercise again. If you feel that you will soon finish the sexual act, start doing Kegel exercises.

  1. Work gently

If you make quick jerky movements, ejaculation will come soon. A man must go slowly into the vagina. Enter the penis carefully, stop at the entrance inside. The woman will feel the heat of the head; her nerve endings are concentrated at the entrance to the vagina. If a woman is excited, she will finish the sexual act faster than you. Try to go with slow and short strokes, up to 2-4 inches; do not put your penis right to the end. Insert the penis is 5 inches, and then you can touch the point G. Strain penis inside, it gives pleasure to a woman, and you will be able to hold out longer in sex.

  1. Be polite

Ladies are always the first – and this applies not only to opening the door in front of them. Bring her pleasure, and you can enjoy your orgasm. When a woman’s body undergoes pleasure, vagina will cease to be strained; it will not compress the penis, which leads to ejaculation. You are also liberating yourself from anxiety and emotions during sexual intercourse. Use your fingers, tongue, lips and hands.

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