Herpes Zoster

Few people know that chicken pox familiar to many from young age is caused by a virus with beautiful name Varicella Zoster. He is able to cause herpes zoster, also called “herpes zoster”, “shingles”. Infection is sometimes caused by awakening of latent varicella-zoster virus. It is activated against background of problems contributing to reduction of resistance: hypothermia, chronic diseases, malignant tumors, impaired metabolism, HIV infection. Therefore, it’s important to conduct an in-depth survey to identify root of problem.

With this disease, temperature rises, patient is in fever, intoxication appears. Sensations are reminiscent of general infectious. There are skin problems (blistering rash) with noticeable pain syndrome. Varicella acts as dermatoneurotropic virus. It takes root in mucous and skin, striking in especially heavy forms sites of spinal cord and brain.

Phases of disease

Development of disease is usually accompanied by high fever, lethargy, intercostal neuralgia. Often a headache. Spots appear on skin, bubbles with serous substance are grouped, pustules form. Then eroded, crusted. There may be swollen spots. They ribbon-like merge together into painful lesions. Pain is shooting, dull, pulling. Sometimes it is limited to external affected lesions, sometimes wandering. Unpleasant feature of disease is preservation of pain (postherpetic neuralgia), which sometimes lasts for years, in spite of therapy, even after getting rid of external pathology of skin.

Herpes Zoster Clinic

Treat the disease in complex. Most likely, you wouldn`t need to go to clinic. Therapy is carried out by drugs, antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs. Effectiveness of therapy depends on pace of its beginning: it is better to start as soon as possible.

When complex gangrenous and common forms of herpes zoster, or when eye (ear) is affected, you will need to go to hospital. Well help physiotherapeutic agents: microwave irradiation, UV-irradiation, UHF, electrophoresis. Local therapy is used – aniline dyes, ointments – which, when used in combination, also accelerate recovery. In severe forms of disease, antibiotics will be included in complex therapy.

Anti-relapse therapy is also helpful. However, be warned – in no case don`t try to use all these tools on your own, without appointment of specialist! After elimination of skin rashes, neuropathologists will continue therapy until postherpal neurological pain disappears. Herpes zoster cures well, with exception of rare and complicated gangrenous forms. In modern clinic, you will definitely be helped to cope with problem and significantly improve your well-being.

All the necessary equipment for treatment, all specialists of related medical specialties who will fight for your recovery, is in clinic.

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