Preparations for the improvement of male potency and treatment of ED

treatment of ED

Erectile dysfunction is a violence in the genital system of men, which is defined by decrease in the size and hardness of the penis, which makes a successful sexual intercourse almost or completely impossible. Only after 25% of sexual failures they can say about real violations in potency. Usually, erectile dysfunction is an indication of general health problems, but still a man can have ejaculation and is able to have children. The problem of erectile dysfunction can be treated in 90% of cases if to address a doctor in time.

To date, more accessible, at you can buy brand-name medicine to improve the potency, as well as their generics as called analogues of original drugs, which necessarily have the same basic active ingredient, but may have different compositions adjuvants.

Preparations for the improvement of potency are very popular in today’s world. On the one hand, a man attaches great importance to the intimate side of life, and on the other hand – the quality suffers in many ways of current environmental problems, stress, some diseases. Modern development of the pharmaceutical industry allows us to develop and produce safe and efficient drugs for male potency and treatment of erectile dysfunction to restore men’s health and strength.
Potent solutions to improve the potency are the most popular drugs among men, as currently proposed are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Their use provides a reliable effect, already after the first application. However, each of these drugs has certain features, side- effects and contraindications, so it is advisable before purchase them to consult a doctor about the choice of the most suitable the preparations for the general health of the individual patient. Especially careful approach to drug selection to solve sexual problems should have those men who suffer from the cardiovascular system violations as well as the action of most drugs is based on the increased blood flow to the pelvic area and genitals.
Studying solutions to improve potency, you should pay attention also to their compatibility with alcohol and fatty food, as not all of them retain their effectiveness in this particular case. In the development and clinical trials of newer drugs these issues has been paid the attention, while the use of the first developments in conjunction with alcohol does not lead to such results, which can be expected according to the instructions.
Generics are the drugs with proven therapeutic effect and are equal by the main active substance to the original branded drugs and can be issued only after the patent guarantee of original drugs expires. Due to the fact that for the manufacturing of generics the money was not spent on the research and clinical trials, as well as on advertising, the cost of generic drugs is more affordable.

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