We treat a herpes in domestic terms

Treatment of herpes in domestic terms at correct approach quite possible and can be very effective. Thus treatment of not only herpes on lips but also genital, girdle herpes (him yet also name a zoster), and even the illnesses caused by citomegalavirus and virus Epstein-barr.

A main rule at treatment of herpes in domestic terms consists in a necessity to operate as possible before. Due to prevalence of herpes and vital requirement in the decision of problem of his treatment of tactician of fight against a virus in domestic terms well worked out and accessible to today practically each.

Tactics of treatment of herpes are in domestic terms

Tactics of treatment of herpes are in domestic terms

Tactics of treatment of herpes in domestic terms depend on the stage on that illness was diagnosed, from the type of virus and from the aim of treatment.

If the question is about a herpes on lips, then at early diagnostics of illness and correct treatment complete prevention of pouring out is possible on lips, and even at lateness with diagnostics is reduction of terms of flowing of pouring out. Interestingly, that exactly for treatment of herpes on lips modern pharmaceutical industry produced most of medicinal preparations.

If herpes on lips to begin to treat at appearance of the first barely visible symptoms, then with probability in 50 can to obtain that not nice and sickly phials will not appear in general. It is important it is here correct to choose effective antiviral preparation and apply it in strict accordance with instruction and doctor’s orders.

By symptoms, at appearance of that application of antiviral preparations will allow to get rid from pouring out, there are the primary easy pricking in lips, feeling of unstrong itch, slight swelling and turning that frequently it is easily possible to entangle with lungs red burns.

Some rules

If pouring out on lips appeared already, effective will be the same preparations, but only the result of their application will become:

  • reduction of period of pouring out
  • prevention of development of complications
  • general antiviral therapy
  • weakening of display of pain and irritating syndromes.

For domestic treatment of genital herpes, the same preparations are in general speaking, used, what for a fight against a herpes on lips, but in a few large doses. In addition, at a genital herpes different ointments and gels are less effective considerably, as areas of the struck surfaces anymore at him, and in many cases, pouring out appear in internal cavities – vagina, urethra, rectum – that eliminates possibilities of application of facilities of outward treatment. In such cases, certainly, it is better to call to the doctor.


A girdle herpes treats oneself in domestic terms some heavier, than the illnesses caused by the viruses of simple herpes. So, methodologies of prevention of symptoms of zoster do not exist on the early stages of relapse, and all therapeutic measures at herpes of  zoster sent to weakening of display of symptoms and prevention of development of complications of illness. However at treatment of girdle herpes the same principles are important, what at treatment of herpes simple : speed and timeliness of acceptance of measures. If necessary preparations are accepted in time, probability of the rapid and uncomplicated flowing of illness increases. The characteristic symptoms of beginning of illness are a fervescence, headaches, increase of lymph nodes.

Treatment of the illnesses caused by citomegalovirys and virus Epstein-barr, hardly more specifically. Against these viruses in domestic terms use the special pills antiviral preparations and apply symptomatic and after symptomatic therapy.

At all types of herpes, in particular – at genital and herpes of zoster, application of facilities of symptomatic therapy is needed. They are applied not always, but only in the cases when one or another symptoms of illness can aggravate weight of her flowing. So, often at the different types of herpes it is necessary to apply acesodynes, febrifuge and antiinflammatory preparations.

For timely recognition of any herpetic infection it is necessary carefully to watch after the organism, especially – in a cold period of year or after the carried diseases of any other type. Immunity relaxes in such situations, and a herpesvirus in an organism gets a chance to prove. It is important in such periods to pay attention to barely visible primary symptoms of illnesses, as exactly the treatment begun at

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